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Shiveri™ - 3D Sleeping Mask

Shiveri™ - 3D Sleeping Mask

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Time to improve your sleep!

Comfortable sleep mask that can be used anywhere: in a bed, during a flight, in a hotel or a long car ride and so much more. Ideal for insomnia, migraine headaches, dry-eye sufferers and travelers, it creates a good sleep environment so that you can sleep well.


  • Easy to clean
  • Ergonomics Design
  • Effectively blocking lights
  • Lightweight and breathable

Completely blocks out all light and visual stimuli so you can nap or sleep soundly anywhere.

Features dual tension-adjustable bands for optimal fit, easy to adjustable and headband won't tangle hair. No chemical smell and generic size. Fit your nose shape well, effectively keep the light out

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It is a real savior

The ergonomic design does not put pressure on your eyes, making the contours perfectly the curve of any face.Effectively block all annoying light, help you fall asleep quickly, enjoy a happy sleep, and rejuvenate when you wake up.

Comfort & Durable

Shiveri's, lightweight, breathable and comfortable to wear, makes sure it'll stand the test of time and will serve you for years.

No Light - No Problem

Covers the light really well and doesn’t but too much pressure. Really good at blocking light in the nose area.

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  • Long-lasting Relief

    Ditch the overpriced temporary heat patches and enjoy a long lasting solution

  • Travel Friendly

    Minimal design makes it easy to bring and use whenever you want, even on-the-go

  • Natural

    No mysterious pills riddled with hidden ingredients and harmful side effects

  • Comfort & Durable

    Lightweight, water-resistant, comfortable design makes sure it'll stand the test of time

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